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Drinking Water Filter (Oasis RO)
SR 1699
Drinking Water Filter (Oasis RO)
Drinking Water Filter (Oasis RO)
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Total price : SR 1699
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  • Counter-Top Elba Water Dispenser
    SR 320

    Save space in your kitchen with Counter-Top Elba Water Dispenser. And get three temperature levels: Hot Cold Lukewarm

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  • Elba Elegant Water Dispenser
    SR 460

    Elba Water Dispenser resplendent in a clean and elegant design.

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  • Elba Silver Water Dispenser
    SR 480

    Elba Silver Water Dispenser is all you need from a water dispenser.. and more. Silver Elba has a small fridge in the lower part of it so you can cool up your favorite drinks.

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