Drinking Water Filters

  • Drinking Water Filter (Oasis RO)

Drinking Water Filter (Oasis RO)

SR 1699

All the advantages of pure water in an exclusive product. Atlas Filtri matches all market require-ments when it comes to the increasing demand for quality and safety.

How? Thanks to its innovative Reverse Osmosis unit Oasis Dp Pump, with Patented components, Atlas Filtri offers pleasure with no compromise and a taste of pure drinking water rid of impurities, odors, chemicals and other harmful agents.

It’s the peace of mind that comes taking care of your family. And in addition you’ll get maximal efficacy with an eye to savings: Reverse Osmosis unit Oasis DP Pump, conceived with the finest materials and advanced technology, is environ-ment friendly: think green, no more carry-on bottles and wast of plastic.

Change your way of drinking and rediscover the taste of spring water at home, with just a turn of the unit’s dedicated tap.

  • For filtering water feed into pure potable water.
  • Point of Use. (Not Central)


  • 50 GPD - 1812 RO membrane
  • Quick-fit connections
  • Solenoid valve
  • Min pressure switch
  • Max pressure switch
  • AIC activated carbon post-filter
  • AIM re-mineralizer post-filter
  • Installation kit with dedicated tap
  • 12 liters (3.2 gallons) metal storage tank
  • Original and quality certified filter cartridges replacement KIT
  • Italian-made quality.
  • Ceaseless pure drinking water.
  • Remineralization phase.

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