ABOUT AQUACARE “There has to be a better way to get potable water that is more reliable and more convenient than water gallons and bottled water!”

AquaCare is a Jeddah-based company established to provide reliable un-bottled potable water and better water treatment solutions for homes, offices and restaurants. It started with a serious concern from the founders about available sources of drinking water.

“I have always had a doubt in the purity and safety of our drinking water. Water gallons are being recycled too many times and usually not cleaned properly. Besides, the risks of plastics and the exposure of water gallons and bottles to heat, prior to consumption, has always been a concern.” Mohammed Mohsen Alsaggaf, CEO & Founder of AquaCare

“I used to order water gallons from a well-known source for the sake of having better quality water. It was not just the cost that was overwhelming but mostly the inconvenience of having to carry those heavy water gallons and replacing them every couple of days.” Mohammed Ali, Co-founder & Sales Manager at AquaCare.  The founders have been working ever since to find the most effective, efficient, reliable and convenient solution for the water problem, and there was AquaCare. In AquaCare, we share a common concern for the wellbeing of the community. We work towards a future where the entire community has its basic need for water fulfilled through a reliable source of pure water. On the premise of integrity, passionate ambition for development, and driven by excellence, we have worked hard to find the best solution, by which we can pay back the community. AquaCare has been established aiming to provide safe, convenient, and premium drinking water solutions. We’ve strived to formulate a highly accessible and dedicated customer service to cater to your needs. We have also tried our best to make all this at an affordable price for everyone.

Recognizing that the human body is about 75% water, we, at AquaCare, believe if you change your water, so will your life.

Our mission

To provide safe, convenient and premium drinking water solutions for homes, offices and restaurants through easy accessibility and dedicated customer service, all at an affordable price

Our vision

To offer the entire community a reliable source of pure water

Our values

Excellence, Transparency, Integrity and Continous Improvement

Client Testimonials

  • الفلتر ممتاز وانصح فيه و حل مشكله علب موية الصحه و موية الشرب لمن تنقطع المويه ما تحتاج توجع راسك انك تشيك على الفلتر و اجلس اتصل عليكم عشان تجو تغيروه لانهم عندهم جدول خاص لكل عميل للصيانه فا يجو مباشره
    الخدمة ممتازة وسريعة
  • * بصراحه الفلتر جدا ممتاز بعد استخدامه وجدت الفرق الكبير من ناحية الراحه من حمل الكراتين والتوفير في المال وايضا اصبحت مرتاح من ان الماء اصبح متوفر دائمافي البيت . * وايضا اصبح الماء المستخدم في الطبخ نظيف ونقي اضافة الى مياه الشرب . * اضافة الى جودة نفس المنتج وخدمة مابعد البيع والمتابعه مع العميل ورقي اسلوبكم في التعامل . * واصبح لدينا ولاء لمنتجكم واصبحنا ننصح الاهل والاقارب بشراءه .
    بصراحة الفلتر جداً ممتاز