9 Reasons to Drink More Water
2 years ago

Water is a colorless and tasteless liquid that living organisms wouldn’t be able to survive without. Being that it is the building block of life, it’s important that we maintain a healthy balance of it in our bodies at all times. Here are 10 reasons why you should be drinking more water:

1. Balances Bodily Fluids
Because the human body is made up of about 60% water, regularly drinking water helps with many bodily functions like digestion, absorption, circulation, maintaining body temperature, production of saliva, circulation, and dispersion of nutrients. It’s important to maintain an adequate amount of water in the body to ensure that these processes aren’t disrupted.

2. Controls Calories
Water, because of its volume, is a good aid in weight loss. Drinking more water will fill you up faster especially if you drink throughout your meal. Aside from drinking water, eating foods that contain a lot of water are great for losing weight as well. Because of their high water content they appear to be larger portions and require more chewing tricking the body into thinking it’s taking in more food and thus you eat less.

3. Energizes Muscles
The cells in the body require fluids and electrolytes otherwise they shrivel up and cause muscle fatigue throughout the body. By drinking an appropriate amount of water each day you can prevent this from happening.

4. Great For Your Skin
Water is great for a lot of reasons but it’s especially great for maintaining good skin health. When your skin isn’t getting enough water it appears dry, cracked, and wrinkled. Unfortunately, if this is occurring it can’t be handled by a quick fix of over-hydration but it is important to maintain a healthy balance of water in the body in order to prevent this. Water also helps with acne and the production of oils on the skin. The skin is your body’s first line of defense and if it isn’t getting enough water then the barrier is compromised and you’re more susceptible to harmful bacteria.

5. Help Kidneys
This is especially important because without your kidneys you wouldn’t be able to filter out harmful toxins in your body. Without enough water the kidneys won’t filter properly and will produce a dark color and a strong odor in your urine. This is the first sign that tells you you need to be drinking more water. The dark color and strong odor come from a lack of water due to the kidneys holding onto it to maintain other bodily functions rather than filtering toxins. This also creates a high risk for kidney stones which can be extremely painful to pass.

6. Maintains Normal Bowel Function
Water helps to keep things moving smoothly throughout your body’s gastrointestinal tract thus preventing constipation. Constipation is caused by a lack of water in the body therefore the colon is stealing water from your stool making it harder to excrete stool easily.

7. Lubricates Joints
This is high on the list of importance because water helps to cushion your joints and protects your spinal cord from being damaged. Water also helps to prevent cramps, sprains, and arthritis due to its lubrication of the joints. Without proper lubrication the joints and gaps between bones will have more friction and increase the risk for injury.

8. Increases Energy
The brain, like the body, is made up of mostly water. So, because of this it makes sense that without enough water you would have a harder time concentrating and keeping focused. If you find you’re having this problem you should drink more water and you should see results almost immediately. Lack of water in the brain also causes headaches and fatigue. If you’re feeling strangely tired even though you got plenty of sleep the night before try having a glass of water before jumping to the energy drink.

9. Flushes Out Toxins and Boosts Immune System
Water is a natural way to flush your body and by consuming more you are naturally getting rid of the harmful toxins and chemicals in your body. By consuming more water you are also helping to boost your immune system because the body is constantly flushing itself.



By Jessica Cianciotti

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